Who we are:

Jerome Hess (aka Dad)
After spending several decades traveling and studying, in 1994 I turned my life and its direction over to THE BOSS (no I dont mean springsteen), and asked, from the wailing wall - where its a local call,
for God to send the Perfect wife "for me". I was in a relationship at the time with a beautiful schoolteacher, that just seemed to have stalled. Well I literally never saw her again, and instead met a woman that was so far removed from my norm I almost didnt follow up on, But even I'm not that stupid, so after 2 years of planning a wonderful wedding ensued followed by a decade of work and first class travel. Afterwhich an injury caused a career change, and in so doing domesticity and an AMAZING son.
Education was very important to my dad, so I most humbly list those "pieces of paper" I collected along the way for his sake:

    Ordained Minister     
      BS Theoretical Math and Applied Sciences
    BS Banking and Finance
    MS Religous Studies
    MS Theology
    Phd Religous Studies
    Phd Theology

    Certified Christian Counselor - Marriage and Family Communications: CCEC
    HDI: HDA
    Certified Consultant - Human Behavior, Emphasis in DiSC - PPI
    Certified Consultant - Public Speaking - PPI

    Author: "Remote Control Management", "Remote Control Career", "Thats NOT what I said"
                 "Senior Year: Now what?", " Military in Management: How Close are They?"

    Numerous Awards in Public Speaking and Presentation