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G.A.S. - Gear Acquisition Syndrome

GAS is that terrible affliction that finds its way into the bloodstream and bank book of almost any musician anywhere on the planet. It is the inability to "pass up a good deal", regardless of actual desire or need. It has driven many men 1000's of miles for that 'holy grail' 1959 all original NOS left handed screw from a Factory direct LP pickguard.
Gas is usually exhibited by several phrases:
1) "No honey that black ones been here for YEARS"
2)" No dear thats not a new guitar, I just repainted the old one"
3) "Why YES I do NEED a dozen amps, they each have their individual sound"
4)"Wait, HOW many pairs of black pumps do you have?"
This is usually followed by several days spent on a couch or a friends house.
Currently there is NO known cure for GAS, although many of the expenses may be deferred by whats called MODDING or project guitars.
There may be MASSIVE mood swings followed by HUGE clearence sales. DO NOT BE FOOLED, this merely allows the 'artist' to start his collection OVER.


I hope you enjoy your romp through my collection. Which will be displayed in several difefrent ways:
1) The Untouchables - These are guitars SO good, why would anyone mess with them?
2) The Projects - this is MOST of my collection, I just cant leave well enough alone!
3) Amps - pretty self explanetory
4) Effects! - again, pedals MFX you name it!
5) Non Guitar music makers - I spent the 80's as a Synth player
6) Gone but NOT forgotten - See mood swing reference above!